Black And White Teapot Clip Art

Black-coffee maker - right now tassimo -loving my new Rubbermaid Reveal mop that operates like a swifter but instead has a refillable cleaner tank where you can use any liquid cleaner - so much sturdier than swifter and has a very good bigger reusable mop head so no pricey refills - using for my wood floors -Wooden spoons are the best-Toaster Oven-vacuum with attachments

Hi there,you have some wounderful and awsome images here. I love it. Thanks for sharing it. I need to do some sort of ATC& 39;s but as a tag for the Dani Peuss forums get together. My forums name is 'l& 39;orange' and I am looking for an (antique or vintage) image of an orange. Thanks for your help!Beate

March 20th 2011, White Tea, ,by Amrish Puri, 0 comments
Tagged:Coffee Maker Reusable Mop Head Newell Rubbermaid Inc.

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